Fire Flower

A Stop Motion, 3D Computer Hybrid Short Film

A nun, three orphans and a glitchy robot on a quest for beauty. . . what could possibly go wrong?

Princess, Fabio, Pigtails and Curly, from St. Mary's Home for Unfortunate Children, are on a field-trip to the botanical garden to celebrate Princess' birthday. On the way they meet a curious grounds keeper and the fireworks begin. . . quite literally.

Official Teaser 2019

Fire Flower - Final Film

About the Fire Flower Project

The Fire Flower animated film project was an attempt to give direction and resources, typically reserved for commercial projects, to a team of emerging animators to produce a stop-motion hybrid, animated short film.

In fall of 2014 I launched the Fire Flower project, based on a 1-minute storyreel by Kayla Mitchell. The goal was to complete the film in four years with rotating talent, working exclusively during the fall semesters. The challenge was to combine stop-motion sets & puppets, a 3D computer-generated robot, and hand-drawn 2D special effects into a seamless animated production.

The results, five years later, is a beautifully crafted (and irreverently funny) 6-minute stop-motion film for all ages to enjoy.

Stephan Leeper

Director, Producer & Stop-motion Supervisor

2018 Behind the Scenes Trailer

Robot Turn-around
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