The Temptation of Brother Thomas

The Temptation of Br. Thomas 

What if a monk found himself so taken with the wonders of the created order that he could never fully focus on the duties of his religious order?  

The Story

Brother Thomas is a monk whose day-job is to illuminate the pages of Scripture – but his passion is for landscapes. Each morning he makes his way to the abbey and finds his world filled with distractions. His tempter, in the form of a brilliant blue dragonfly, keeps Thomas's head spinning just long enough to coax him off the beaten path and into a world rich with wonder, subtle mystery, and breathtaking beauty.

Promotional Trailer

The Project

'The Temptation of Brother Thomas' is a 15-minute animated short film mixing traditional stop motion, 3D computer and hand-drawn animation.

The Temptation of Br. Thomas is a project over 15 years in the making and has received numerous grants and awards as the story, characters and designs have made their way through development.  

The project is currently seeking financial, production and distribution partners to move out of the development and pre-production phase and into full stop motion, 2D & 3D production.

The Audience

The Temptation of Brother Thomas is a children's film for all ages.

The Temptation of Br. Thomas is the story of a simple-hearted monk who, in the face of mounting expectations, learns to listen to the calling of his heart.  In an increasingly stressful world, Br. Thomas is a reminder to listen to our playful impulses, drink deeply from the beauty that surrounds us . . . and not always do exactly as we are told.

Download the Br. Thomas promotional one sheet.pdf

You can learn more about how the project is unfolding the on the official website at
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